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In my younger years of dreaming what I would do in my life, my goal was to be a self-supporting artist, with clay as my medium. I knew little of where my life was about to take me. Every turn, every episode built my personal vocabulary and references. Each experience added to my knowledge, whether it be in clay or other materials I was exposed to; or just a pure experience; it was logged for future reference. Interestingly enough, I reached my goal as a self-supporting artist, but in fiber, and then fell into the love of teaching. I found my way home to share my love of clay to young emerging hearts at the very high school I had attended. It was a long, awakening journey…but it did bring me to where I truly belonged.


Now retired after teaching for fifteen years and having lived many experiences, my work is now fixated on the inspiring combination of clay and fiber.  I am spellbound by the raku firing process, its surprises, and earthiness. I am energized and challenged to combine my two passions and achieve their harmonious relationship to one another by playing off of each medium with texture, color, and form. The felted wool fibers compliment the Raku vessels while tantalizing the senses. The addition of glass beads and precious metal clay help create the magic in each piece. Combining these materials challenges my creativity while stretching my imagination to see what adventures I will encounter.

The creative spirit is alive and well.....and can not be contained!


With hours being available to play in my studio, experimentation leads to discovery and endless possibilities. Life is grand! So much to do!My work can’t possibly be contained to one focus…..and so….with no one being “the boss of me” I can express my voice while exploring the richness of creativity.


My work has been sold throughout the United States, Canada and the Middle East and has been shown in galleries across the country, I've been recognized with several awards, which include awards at the Art of the State in Harrisburg, PA along with The Northeastern Biennial Show. The largest award has been a 30' x 18' billboard in the Poconos sponsored by ArtPop, Adams Advertising, and the Pocono Council of the Arts.


I feel as though I’ve opened an ancient door to my soul and have found my balance with the earth.

I am grateful to have this opportunity!