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Welcome to my website where I have combined the fiber art of wet felting with raku fired pottery. American craft has opened doors to my self-expression. Finding joy in my creativity has filled my life. While focusing on clay as my artform, little did I realize my other life long passion of fiber would lead me to a new marriage of materials.

Combining my two passions while attempting to achieve their harmonious relationship to one another, playing off of each medium with texture, color and form has been an engaging challenge. The felted wool fibers compliment the Raku fired vessels while tantalizing my senses. Interestingly, each material requires a different approach. Clay can be very spontaneous while my felting requires planning and understanding of each step needed to successfully accomplish my forms. I find when working my forms and techniques in both to be very similar. In either case, I am always striving for joy in the process as well as the outcome.

Combining these materials challenges my creativity while stretching my imagination to see what adventures in my work will unfold. 

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